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University Marketing
& Student Publishing Like Never Before.

Issuu is a mouthpiece for administrators, teachers and students alike. High schools and universities create student newspapers and magazines on the Issuu Story Cloud. Issuu also powers university marketing, research, thesis papers, department publicity and more.

The Issuu Story Cloud powers student journalism, portfolios, research and thesis papers. Educators & administrators use Issuu for university marketing, publications, admissions, annual brochures, athletics and more.









The First-Ever Story Cloud by Issuu

The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products for Students & Educators to create once and share everywhere exclusively by Issuu.

Issuu Stories
Connect People

Turn your content into Issuu Stories, create a Visual Story with animation, photos, text and even video or an Article Story highlighting photos and text for slick scrolls on mobile. Broaden your audience by creating Stories to share across your Social network, plus all Stories have the opportunity to be featured on Issuu’s Apple News Channel. 
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Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School uses Issuu Stories to highlight a special collection of articles chronicling and celebrating activism in their school community. “The Eagle Eye” school newspaper is an important mouthpiece for the student body.
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Melissa E. Falkowski – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

“Today’s journalism is fully immersed in the digital age. Journalism students are learning to translate their reporting through so many digital mediums that they are being fully prepared to work within a digital landscape. They know the power of the digital world and they are harnessing it for the most noble of callings – to speak truth to power and create change.”

Distribute with
Our Shareable Full-Screen Reader

Washington Square News, NYU’s student newspaper knows they need to meet Students in the media format they consume the most. Issuu Story Cloud powers the digital version of Washington Square News that is displayed in the Issuu Embed mobile-optimized reader with the simple click of a button. 
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Add Links to
Your Publications

The University of Cambridge CAM magazine fosters the Alumni network and community. The Issuu Story Cloud enables them to build an interactive magazine experience with web links that enhance and engage their readers in addition to driving fundraising and directly linking to advertisers. 
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Publishing Made Easy
with Issuu Drive

Carolina Dalia Gonzalez,

“Hoot Magazine appreciates Issuu’s ease of publishing for an online platform. Their platform mimics a print layout that elevates our content and shoots, and lets our creative work speak for itself.”

Keep Up with
Issuu Analytics

Paul Vital, Marketing and Business Development Director, Sweet Paul

“The most valuable part about Issuu is the statistics and numbers. Numbers like ‘29 million impressions on Issuu’ really impress our partners.” Learn More >

Create Animations for Social with GIF Generator

Spoon Magazine Northwestern is proud to be published by a global community of influencers pushing the boundaries of food. The Issuu GIF Generator tool creates a fun and interesting animated graphic that really helps their publication stand out. 
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Bring Your Team Together
with Issuu Groups

The Issuu Groups feature is a powerful tool for the team at Northeastern College of Engineering in Boston to manage and share their quarterly publication of Engineering @ Northeastern to promote and celebrate the recent achievements of the university and it’s students.
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Issuu Publisher Spotlight

Meet publishers who use the Issuu Story Cloud to share their content and reach their audiences around the world.

Polychrome Mag. – Micah Pegues, Editor-in-Chief

Polychrome Mag. is a project created by six friends with a mission to disrupt the traditional magazine narrative and create a platform that highlights and celebrates artists of colors. 

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Hoot Magazine – Carolina Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief

Hoot Magazine is a fashion publication founded by Columbia University students in 2009. We aim to inspire our readers by exposing them to cultural happenings of New York City.

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Neha Madhira – Student Journalist & Freedom of Press Activist

Award-winning Student Journalist based in Texas, Neha became a leader of the Student Freedom of Press movement when she spoke out against censorship at her school paper.

Explore the Student Press Freedom Day >

Where to Start?

Need help getting your content to look stellar? We have templates, toolkits, and digital publishing advice just for you.

Design Tools and Templates

To jumpstart the creation process, check out the Issuu Design Tools & Templates. These are easy-to-use, downloadable publishing templates that will help elevate your content to a professional level and have you hitting “Publish” before you know it.

Digital Publishing for Students and Journalists​

Join the Student & Educators
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