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Sleek Sales &
Small Business Marketing

Close the deal with stand out sales materials and small business marketing using Issuu digital publishing. Issuu enables small businesses to publish professional  brochures, catalogs and more. 

Sleek & Styled Sales Engagement Platform.

Close the deal with stand out sales materials and small business marketing using Issuu digital publishing. Issuu enables small businesses to publish professional  brochures, presentations, catalogs and more. 

Powerful Publishing for Small Businesses

Punch above your weight with Issuu digital publishing. Create and share professional marketing materials, brochures and more. Issuu will be a valuable part of your small business marketing strategy to tackle content creation, distribution, social media, and analytics.

Sales-Making Materials

Issuu offers a publishing and sales engagement platform for sales teams and small businesses to create and share digital catalogs, brochures, presentations, media kits and more.


Case Studies

Look Books

Media Kits




The First-Ever Story Cloud by Issuu

The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products for sales teams and small businesses looking to create once and share sleek digital content everywhere.

Distribute with Fullscreen Sharing

The Issuu flipbook style reader is optimized for all screens sizes. Your content can also be discovered on and the Issuu app by millions of readers and major digital media sites. Issuu supports small business marketing, is a sales engagement platform and social media tool. 
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Spotlight Featured Articles with
Issuu Stories

Tesco Magazine taps into the Issuu Stories format to highlight the “Candy Cane Macarons” as an Article Story, which is a step-by-step recipe and is delivered for slick scrolls on mobile. Or create an engaging Visual Story with the Inspire or Voice template combining animation, photos, texts and even video. Share to social as Instagram Stories.
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Sweet Paul

Sweet Paul Magazine is a lifestyle magazine on Issuu for anyone looking to make simple, elegant meals and stylishly easy crafts for home. Sweet Paul is about homemade and handmade, and they are helping their readers create a one-of-a-kind style for life’s everyday occasions. From a blog to a seasonal print and online magazine, Sweet Paul has emphasized the quality of it’s content and partnerships over all else. The Issuu platform helps the Sweet Paul small business team maximize resources by being able to share, sell and measure their digital issues, all in one place. 

Professional Content
to Impress

Classic Farms is a leading grower, importer and distributor of premium, fresh-cut flowers based in Florida. Classic Farms uses the Issuu Story Cloud to showcase the best in roses, hydrangeas, bouquets, and more content marketing. The Issuu Fullscreen Sharing experience, delivers the floral presentation in a professional, sleek flipbook experience to impress existing and prospective clients. 
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Add Shopping and
Web Links

Acorn is a Denmark-based online clothing boutique featuring 100% Danish products. To broaden their customer base they use the Issuu digital publishing and sales engagement platform and add shopping links directly into their digital catalogs. No matter where the customer is, they are always one-click away from making a purchase.
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Embed on Your
Website or Blog

Washington Blade is America’s LGBT News Source reaching over 700,0000 people a month, in Washington, DC and across the nation. The Washington Blade uses Issuu to embed their Media Kit directly on their site for existing and potential advertisers to access easily, learn more and then connect about advertising opportunities. 
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Use Social Sharing to Drive Sales

Stella & Dot publish sleek digital Lookbooks on the Issuu Story Cloud to showcase their products and to enable easy sharing to social media by their Stylists. Issuu helps get the word out about their products while also driving sales and engagement with distribution on the most popular social channels. 
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Banner-Ad Free Options

BRAUN Hamburg publishes BRAUN Journal, a seasonal Catalog featuring designer Men’s fashion on Issuu. The digital version immerses the BRAUN audience by showcasing the content without competing banner-ads and optimized for all screen sizes including mobile. BRAUN knows the Issuu digital publishing features enhance their catalog without requiring more internal resources.
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Keep on Top of Your Numbers with Issuu Analytics

Paul Vital, Marketing and Business Development Director, Sweet Paul

“The most valuable part about Issuu is the statistics and numbers. Numbers like ‘29 million impressions on Issuu’ really impress our partners.” 
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Issuu Small Business Spotlight

Meet small business publishers who choose Issuu to create and distribute their content and grow their business.

Satchel – Handbags & Leather Goods

Satchel creates handmade and custom leather goods in Savannah, Georgia sold exclusively from their flagship store. Publishing the latest seasonal catalog on Issuu expands their market beyond local foot traffic to their store. 

Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Berkeley Repertory Theatre started in 1968 as a storefront stage and is now a national leader in innovative theater. The Berkeley Rep magazine on Issuu adds interactive elements to their theater-driven content.

Sazerelli Designs

Australian-based Sarah Ossitt of Sazarelli Designs showcases her Look Book of surface pattern designs on Issuu in a sleek flipbook experience to ensure her work is presented professionally for a global audience. 

Where to Start?

Are you a start-up, small business or just need a little help in the creative process? Check out the Issuu design tools and templates.

Design Tools and Templates

To jumpstart the creation process, check out the Issuu Design Tools & Templates. These are easy-to-use, downloadable publishing templates that will help elevate your content to a professional level and have you hitting “Publish” before you know it.

Join Sales & Small Business Marketing
Teams Publishing on Issuu.

Issuu digital publishing gives your content a professional look so you can compete with the heavyweights in your industry.