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Issuu Digital Publishing Brings Content Marketing to Life.

The Issuu Story Cloud is a powerful suite of digital publishing products for businesses, marketers, brands and more to create, share, measure & monetize content marketing and storytelling.

The First-Ever Story Cloud by Issuu

The Issuu Story Cloud is a suite of integrated digital publishing products to create once and share everywhere exclusively by Issuu. Turn your content into sleek, interactive flipbooks or mobile-optimized Issuu Stories that you can distribute anywhere for your business and content marketing goals.

Create Online Content and Distribute with Our Shareable Full-Screen Reader

The Issuu Embed interactive flipbook style reader is optimized for all screens on any website or social channel. Your content can also be discovered on Issuu.com and Issuu App by millions of monthly readers and major digital media sites. Create a flipbook in minutes, simply upload your content, customize and share with the Issuu Story Cloud.
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Create Issuu Stories to Spotlight Your Content

Mobile Stories are today’s most popular digital media format to engage new audiences. Now with the Issuu Story Cloud, you can easily showcase content as visually impactful Stories and share across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Select Issuu Stories will also be featured on Issuu’s Apple News Channel, Issuu’s Home Page and weekly Top Stories Email, to reach millions of new readers.
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Enhance Your Content with Interactivity and Shopping Links

Enhance your publication with web, video or shopping links using our embedded links feature. Web, video or shopping links drive traffic directly to your site. Our auto-detect link feature saves time and create visibility for readers to know where your clickable content is located on the page. 
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Enhance the Reading Experience with Video

Bring your content to life by including video on any page – even the cover. Prepare for your Video views to soar as you showcase your products in a new and impactful way. Adding Video is a visually immersive, engaging feature to keep your content marketing and publications fresh.
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Share Your Publication On Your Website or Blog with Issuu Embeds

The powerful Issuu Embed makes it easy to customize and embed your content on your website or blog. No complicated coding knowledge needed, just embed and let your work speak for itself.
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Share on Social to Reach New and Existing Audiences

The Issuu Story Cloud allows you to share your digital magazines, flipbooks and content seamlessly on every social channel. Even if you’re not a social media pro, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to start sharing your content. You can create Issuu Stories, generate an animated GIF and share to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
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Monetize Your Content with Issuu Sales

Boost your sales with a one-stop solution for selling subscriptions or single-editions. Whether you want to sell magazines, e-books, industry reports, or specialized content that you know is worth paying for — Issuu Sales is the right solution for your brand or business.
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Turn Your Catalog or Brochure into an Online Storefront

Monetize your digital catalogs and brochures on the Issuu Story Cloud with the ability to add web and shopping links directly into your content and publications. Ensure brand aficionados and shoppers are one-click away from engaging with the products and making purchases.
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Generate Advertising
& Ad Revenue with Issuu Advertising

Issuu Advertising helps bring more reads for you and your advertisers and Issuu Analytics help you prove it. Find the right place for your message and drive traffic to your online magazines and content on the Issuu Story Cloud.
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Join Our Reseller Partner Program

Spread the word to your network about Issuu, and get paid each time you have a referral sign up. Help your customers build their brand through digital publishing  and content marketing on the Issuu Story Cloud. Our Reseller Program offers creative agencies, technology partners and resellers the opportunity to grow their revenue.
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Get Smarter, Get Better

Issuu Analytics covers key data, analytics, and statistics – giving you an inside look at how your work is performing.


Issuu Story Cloud offers powerful page-level statistics that enables brands, content creators and marketers to know when their audience is the most engaged, view which pages perform best, and track how their ads are driving performance.
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Empower Your Team To Success

Set up ways for your digital publishing team to communicate and collaborate on the Issuu Story Cloud.

Issuu Accounts for Groups

Issuu brings your whole editorial team together, no matter where in the world they are, you can publish online magazines, mobile Stories and more on the Issuu Story Cloud. Add members now to your account. Designed for creatives, marketers, social media, and content marketing managers on your team, to get the most out of Issuu.
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Get Issuu Collaborate

Whip your online publishing workflow into shape, from flatplanning, assigning articles and placing ads, to integrating with Adobe InDesign®, managing the review process and publishing a final PDF, your whole workflow is managed seamlessly in one place with Issuu Collaborate. 
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Where to Start?

Need help getting your content to look stellar? We have templates, toolkits,
and digital publishing advice just for you.

Design Tools and Templates

Need some help getting your content ready? Download our collection of pre-designed magazine and catalog templates that will get you going in no time.

Learn how to start publishing on the Issuu Story Cloud plus tips and tricks to share, measure and monetize your digital content marketing with the full suite of digital publishing products.

Let's Get the Storytelling Started

Get set up for digital publishing success with the Issuu Story Cloud powerful suite of products to maximize your content marketing with a Premium or Optimum Plan.