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Publishing Workflows
and Editorial Tools for
Beautiful Digital Publishing.

It’s time to get Issuu Collaborate process tool on the Issuu Story Cloud.

Issuu Collaborate is a process tool that helps manage the workflow of editorial, design and production teams exclusively on the Issuu Story Cloud.

This 1 minute video will give you the information you need to begin your journey with Collaborate.

Whip Your Workflow into Shape

From flatplanning, assigning articles and placing ads, to integrating with Adobe InDesign®, managing the review process and publishing a final PDF, your whole workflow is managed seamlessly in one place.


Use the flatplan tool to place ads and articles, assign team members and manage your workflow as materials are developed, revised and approved.

Status Tracking

Keep everyone on task and on deadline as articles are fleshed out by contributors and ad deals are negotiated and sold by your sales team.

Many Contributors, One Central Hub

With Collaborate, you will have the tools to see the big picture and the small details in one place. Whether just down the hall or halfway around the world, Collaborate keeps your entire editorial team tightly connected as if they were in the same office.

Integration with Adobe InDesign®

With InDesign integration, download articles and ads for layout, then upload final design files for preview and approval.

Preview, Feedback and Approvals

Once the art director uploads finished layouts, team members are able to comment on any potential issues before seeking editor’s approval.

The Only Platform You Need

Spend more time creating and less time chasing down flatplans, sorting email attachments, following file-sharing links and playing version roulette.

Collect Assets and Materials

Gathering all collaborator assets and finished ad materials happens directly within Collaborate, so you no longer have to bounce around.

Publish and Download

Publish directly on Issuu to have your publication beautifully presented on desktops and mobile devices around the world, or download the PDF.

See What Happens When Your
Entire Editorial Team Starts Working as One.

Upgrade to a Optimum plan on the Issuu Story Cloud to get started.