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Elevate Your Branding with Content Embeds and
Social Tools.

Issuu Embed enables you to embed and share your content, Issuu Stories and publications to Instagram, Facebook and more for a high visual impact with the Issuu Story Cloud.

Embed Your Content with Custom Branding

Create a seamless experience with your visual branding using Issuu Embeds. Embed a publication or allow readers to embed on sites & blogs with the Issuu Story Cloud. Customize your embed, then copy and paste the embed code into your desired HTML editor.

Take Social Sharing to The Next Level

Share your content to all the major social channels with the Issuu Story Cloud. Use the suite of digital publishing products for file sharing and to get your content noticed.

Social Sharing 101

Issuu Embed allows you to share seamlessly on every social channel. Even if you’re not a social media pro, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to start sharing your content and for file sharing.

Learn more about sharing on the major social channels with the Issuu Story Cloud.
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Share Your Content As Stories

Share individual articles, editorials, catalogs, brochures and more with the Issuu Story Cloud to reach new audiences on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more.

Instagram and Social

Turn heads with Instagram Stories converted from your content and customized for maximum impact.

Google AMP Stories

Optimized for Google indexing and prioritized for mobile search so more readers can find your Stories.

Apple News

The most compelling Issuu Stories are featured on Issuu’s Apple News channel for even more readers.

Adobe InDesign

Now publish Instagram Stories and more from Adobe InDesign projects with the Issuu Story Cloud.

Get Noticed with Animated GIFs

Issuu Embed allows you to share your work in a variety of ways, so you can get the attention your publication deserves. Try our GIF tool to turn your publication into a beautiful moving graphic to stop scrollers in their tracks.
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Share Your Stories

Share uploaded content as Issuu Stories to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more to engage more readers in today’s hottest content format. Create Visual Stories with animation, photos and text using the Inspire and Voice templates. Select Issuu Stories will be featured on the Issuu Home Page and Stories page feed, curated on Issuu’s Apple News Channel, and more.
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Hear What Our Publishers Have To Say...

Kevin Doyle,
Graphic Designer, Costco

"Issuu makes it easy to promote our marketing print pieces on the web and mobile so our members can access them wherever and whenever they need. The embed feature has enabled us to create a completely seamless experience on our website with digital and print content all in one place. I really appreciate Issuu because it's flexible and up-to-date with the latest web standards."

Nate Rogers,
Editor-in-Chief, FLOOD Magazine

"We've been including Issuu gifs and direct links in our newsletters, and posting on social media, as well. It’s a great new way to share specific articles with our readers.”

Megan Breukelman,
Founder, Atlas

"Atlas uses Issuu embeds on the site which makes the magazine even more accessible to our audience. Given that the site is updated daily with new editorials, being able to embed the latest issue right on the homepage allows our audience to discover beyond the blog."

Seth Travis,
Editor-in-Chief, Man of Metropolis

“Issuu continues to respond to the growing need to deliver information that will surprise and delight our fans by offering a custom GIF generator. It really helps us show off our beautiful work and tease new stories in a new and fun way.”

Giselle Melendres,
Editor-in-Chief, Mad Sounds

“Our team loves using the Issuu GIFs feature after publishing a new issue to bring our publication to life on social media, with animated sneak previews of the current issue that get our readers excited to explore our new features, interviews, and more. Issuu GIFs are a simple tool for us to promote new issues in an engaging and interactive way! ”

Get Content Embeds and Social Tools.

Get Issuu Embed along with social and file sharing on Issuu with a Premium or Optimum plan.