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Keep Your Eyes on
the Numbers with
Issuu Data Analytics.

Issuu offers powerful page-level data analytics on the Issuu Story Cloud that enables brands, content creators and marketers to know when their audience is the most engaged, view which pages perform best, and track their ad’s performance.

Get the Big Picture

Issuu Analytics offers data analytics that enables brands, businesses, marketers and more to know which content their audience is the most engaged with, determine which publication performs the best, and inform advertisers of clicks, ad performance and more .

Deep Dive into the Numbers

Members can access page and content-level statistics for the most in-depth look. Get a dashboard view of metrics such as Reads, Read Time, Average Time Spent and Impressions for each page in your content.

Get to Know Your Audience

Filter your all-time performing content and find out where readers are coming from. Make data-driven decisions on what next-steps to take on your content to drive results.

Get the Download

Download the data analytics for individual content, overall content, by page and more with Issuu Analytics. These numbers are also visible when you download the Issuu App and with monthly email updates when you average more than 600 reads a week. 

Track Your Performance

View your top performing content from your most read covers to most shared docs and gain valuable insights overtime. You can do anything from tracking your digital sales and revenue in order to prove value with potential advertisers to tracking engagement on your e-commerce shopping links.

Publishers Track Sales in Real-Time

Jennifer O'Bannon,
Editor-in-Chief, Luca

“Getting our issues set up for sale on Issuu was so easy. Also, I love being able to track our sales in real-time in our dashboard.”

Issuu Analytics covers key data analytics, metrics, and statistics – giving you an inside look at how your work is performing with the Issuu Story Cloud.


Keep Your Finger On The Pulse.

Get Issuu Analytics and a powerful suite of digital publishing products with the Issuu Story Cloud. Maximize your access to Issuu Analytics with a Premium or Optimum Plan.