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Drive Your Advertising and Revenue Channels like Never Before.

Millions of unique visitors come to Issuu each week, partner with Issuu to target the right audience.

Visitors come to Issuu each week to enjoy publications on every topic imaginable. It makes targeting your specific audience easy. If your brand happens to be aligned with our massive publisher base, this could be a partnership like no other.

Promoted Impressions

With millions of daily page views, our Promoted Impressions program guarantees that the cover of your content is seen daily, increasing exposure and circulation to reach masses of potential new readers. Target the readers through specific content categories or geographically. 

Promoted Reads

Through Promoted Reads, we introduce new audiences to your publication via a first-look preview, while users wait for their chosen title to be loaded on a similar topic.

Readers can choose to engage with your content and then proceed to their original section.

Display Advertising

Traditional display units are available everywhere on Issuu, which can be targeted to whatever audience you desire. You can also promote yourself as an Issuu publisher and link to an Issuu Stack loaded with your company’s publications or materials.

Social Media - Enhanced Placement

Social media can really boost reads, but it remains limited by the community you’ve established. To get your publication seen by substantially more new readers, we’ll use our deep influence across Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram to help drive the reads you need.

Weekly Reads Email Placement

Millions of Issuu readers receive our Weekly Reads Email for the latest recommendations and featured titles. Your publication can be featured amongst our curated content. It’s a sure-fire way to connect with potential new readers, right in their inbox. 

Generate Ad Revenue

Issuu helps you get more reads for you and your advertisers. Our statistics help you prove it. Sign up for our Google AdSense Alpha Program, where you can earn up to 60% in ad revenue share from your content.

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