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Monetize Your Content
with Shopping Links.

Monetize Your Content
with Shopping Links.

Make Money Via Marketplace

Are you in the marketplace or e-commerce game? Or an influencer who curates items and covers trends? Shopping links can turn your catalogs and more into interactive PDF content on the Issuu Story Cloud and into a revenue channel. Earn money by directing readers to your own marketplace or to sites like Amazon, Etsy or eBay. You can even use your preferred affiliate links program.

How It Works

Set up shopping links under the “Links” section of your publication. You can highlight the clickable area on your interactive pdf and then add the link where readers can shop for the item or service. Use the “Convert Links” button if you have existing links in your publication to shift them for shopping.

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Make Shopping Discoverable with Auto-Detect Links

As a reader digitally flips through your content, a special shopping-cart icon will pop-up as they wave their cursor over the pages, so they know they can click on the link to buy the product or service you’ve featured in your interactive publication. In addition, your audience can now browse, engage and shop in your publication without disrupting the Issuu reading experience they love.

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Engage In Commerce with
Shopping Links.

Available on the Issuu Story Cloud with Premium and Optimum plans.