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Maximize Your Editorial Content.

Communicate your content in a whole new way. Distribute and share it on your own terms in a sleek, interactive flipbook experience.

Maximize Your Editorial Content.

Communicate your content in a whole new way. Distribute and share it on your own terms in a sleek, interactive flipbook experience.

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Scott Toncray,
Operations Manager, Lonely Planet

“We chose Issuu because it was the solution we needed to easily share and embed our digital magazine [...] to be shared by our audience, to their communities.”

Publisher Spotlight

Meet publishers who rely on Issuu to reach their audience around the world.

Sweet Paul Magazine – Sweet Paul
Born in Norway live in Kingston, NY. Author of ‘Sweet Paul: Eat & Make’ and Editor in Chief of Sweet Paul Magazine, “I’m chasing the SWEET things in life! Food, crafts, lifestyle, & travel!” Read the success story >

Ginger the Zine – Markee Speyer
Ginger the Zine empowers women, members of the LGBTQ community and non-conforming individuals. This publication strives to share the experiences and distinctive voices of this community.

Game-Changing Generators.

Young and young-at-heart content creators of fashion, music, art and design publications are going global. Meet them on Issuu.

Discover New Publications

Each month, you can access the curated collections of in-demand and in-vogue publications from our trendspotters.

Professional Editorial and Distribution Tools.

The most in-demand tools for publishing and distribution of content across any channel: website, newsletters, social and more.

Full-Screen Reader

Our flipbook style reader is optimized for all screens on any website or social channel. Your content can also be discovered on Issuu’s platform and app of 100M+ monthly readers and major digital media sites. Get started in minutes, simply upload, customize and you’re ready to share with the world. Learn More >


Stay Wild uses Stories to highlight some of their best contributor’s articles using today’s hottest mobile format, which means more of their content gets shared, more frequently. Stay Wild also knows, now every Story created on Issuu has the chance to be featured on Issuu’s social feeds, Issuu’s Apple News channel and more. Learn More > 

Embed Tools

Megan Breukelman,
Founder, Atlas Magazine

“Atlas uses Issuu embeds on the site which makes the magazine even more accessible to our audience. Given that the site is updated daily with new editorials, being able to embed the latest issue right on the homepage allows our audience to discover beyond our blog.” 
Learn More >

Digital Sales

Face the Current is a monthly aspirational, health-focused, lifestyle magazine delivering content from across the globe. Face the Current taps into the power of of Issuu to sell single issue and digital subscriptions. Learn More >

Video Tools

Ibrahim Kamara, 
Co-Founder, Guap Magazine

“We like Issuu video tools because it allows us to bring our video magazine online to those who can’t access our print. It allows us to still be innovative in such a crowded landscape.” Learn More >

Social Sharing and GIF Generator

Seth Travis, Editor-in-Chief, Man of Metropolis

“Issuu continues to respond to the growing need to deliver information that will surprise and delight our fans by offering a custom GIF generator. It really helps us show off our beautiful work and tease new stories in a new and fun way.” Learn More >


Paul Vital, Marketing and Business Development Director, Sweet Paul

“The most valuable part about Issuu is the statistics and numbers. Numbers like ‘29 million impressions on Issuu’ really impress our partners.” Learn More >


Creating and publishing a digital magazine is no small task, so the team at Rincon Surf Art uses Issuu “Groups” to manage, publish and share their content together. Learn More >


From flatplanning, assigning articles and placing ads, to integrating with Adobe InDesign®, managing the review process and publishing a final PDF, your whole workflow is managed seamlessly in one place. 
Learn More >

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