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Turn Your Passions
Into Content.

Deliver your creative content including portfolios, projects, albums and more in a sleek digital display that is easy to embed, share and engage your network and audience.

Creative Content

From Portfolios, Projects, Personal Publications, Photo Albums and more, Creatives use Issuu to showcase their passions, art, photography or whatever gets their creative juices flowing.



Look Books

Photo Albums


Publisher to Watch

Marta Mantoan – Architect

Marta Mantoan uses Issuu to showcase her architecture and interior design projects in a clean and minimalistic portfolio. Including brief descriptive passages on each project gives onlookers a deep dive into her critical thinking and well-thought out designs.​

Publishing and Distribution Tools

The most in-demand tools for Creatives looking to share and publish sleek digital content.

Publishing Made Easy

Issuu allows your passions and content to shine with a simple one-click upload process, so you don’t have to be a design expert to use the powerful platform. Find many exciting examples of creativity on display, including this Poetry book “all the things i never said” by Sarah D.L.

Embed on Your
Website or Blog

Issuu’s powerful platform makes it easy for Creatives to customize and embed their portfolios on their site or blog as shown by designer Aurelia Tasha Handoko. No complicated coding knowledge needed, just embed and let your work speak for itself. Learn More >

Social Sharing

Contemporary American Painter Michelle Jung previews her upcoming Solo Exhibition with the help of Issuu. Issuu displays her artwork in a sleek, digital flipbook and embeds easily, including on Facebook. Learn More >


A Beginner’s Project Guide by Workshop Girls engages the audience with the sleek full-screen reader and excites them to try out one of the fun Crafts and life lessons focused on empowering young women.

GIF Generator

Stop scrollers in their tracks with the GIF Generator tool on Issuu. Designers like Maja Rönnbäck can turn her recent look book into a beautiful animated graphic to share on social media and generate more excitement and awareness for her work.
Learn More >

Embedded Video

Thailand-based Video Editor Orapas Sirirat uses Issuu to create her interactive portfolio. She includes embedded video to showcase her most recent work and to stand out amongst the other candidates. Learn More > 

Where to Start?

Need help getting your content to look stellar? We have templates, toolkits, and digital publishing advice just for you.

Design Tools
and Templates

To jumpstart the creation process, check out the Issuu Design Tools & Templates. These are easy-to-use, downloadable publishing templates that will help elevate your content to a professional level and have you hitting “Publish” before you know it.

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